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WinkBed mattresses are traditionally crated in Watertown US. All the different designs are handmade by highly skilled and qualified mattress makers. The company sources its raw materials locally to make the durable mattresses. Each customer gets 101 days free-sleep trial period after which they can decide if they are satisfied with the product or not. In case a customer is dissatisfied, the company immediately refunds them their money and takes back its mattress. This is indeed a unique service that focuses on customer satisfaction. The company offers an array of quality products at fairly affordable prices.

Types of Mattresses

The mattresses are available in multiple firmness choices such as:

  1. Soft model;
  2. Luxury firm model;
  3. Firm model;

Soft model

It is a model preferred mostly by sleepers who like a deeper sink feel in their mattress. An extra layer of foam on the sleep surface enhances its body contour property. The cost of this mattress starts as low as $749.

Luxury firm model

This model is the most popular among the three. It offers a perfect balance of push-back support and a body contouring comfort. The design is best suited for people who like changing their sleeping positions from lying on the back, side or stomach; partners who have different sleeping positions and lastly, sleepers who would like to have a little body contour without necessarily sinking deep into the mattress. It costs about $999.

Firm model

The Firm model’s pressure relieving form is boosted with a coil unit that is slightly firmer to enhance support. It is ideal for heavy sleepers who like extra support at the mid-section. Moreover, it is for people who prefer sleeping on top of the mattress without sinking deep into it or naturally like sleeping on firm mattresses. This model costs $1299.

Benefits of WinkBed Mattresses

  • It is made from a blend of gel and Hypersoft foam that increases its buoyancy rate. Therefore, it is impossible for the mattress to get body depression hence maintains its shape for a long time. The same feature enables it to contour to sleepers’ bodies but still remains responsive when they move around the bed.
  • The beds have Micro-Air spring coils encased in medium density foam to promote air circulation to optimize the temperatures of the sleeper’s body and the entire bed. These mattresses give a 28 percent cooler sleep than other regular foams.
  • The edges of the WinkBed mattresses are reinforced with 4 inches of Indentation Load Deflection foam. This feature prevents sagging and enhances support when a person sits or sleeps at the edge of the bed.
  • Individually enclosed 14.15 gauges tempered steel coil gives the bed a sturdy support system. The coil provides a localized pressure point resulting in relief by ensuring that the body weight is evenly distributed across the bed. Encasing of the coil is beneficial in noise reduction.
  • The mattress cover is made from Tencel fiber which dries quickly and is more breathable than linen or cotton. Tencel is made from renewable raw materials, therefore, sleeping on these mattresses contributes to environmental conservation.
  • WinkBed mattresses are durable and have a 10-year warranty.
  • The company offer free shipping and delivery services at no extra cost.
  • Mattresses have a cool control base to enable sleepers to control their bed temperatures.


A good night sleep contributes to a person’s wellbeing. The different types of WinkBed mattresses can help in the achievement of this goal. Its innerspring and the soft foam on top provide unmatched comfort. Undeniably, WinkBed is an asset that defines the value of value.

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