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edited on 8.08.2019

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Read more about Helix Company and their products

E-commerce Company based in US with its headquarters at the New York city whose official website was launched in August 2015. The company founder members are Jerry Lin, Kristian Von Rickenbach and Adam Tishman, in the year 2015 united during their MBA studies on realizing that they had similar interests. The three carried out a research on complications associated with getting an ideal mattress for a good night sleep since they had equally experienced the frustrations that come with it. That originated the idea of coming up with a customized mattress to meet an individual sleep preferences.

About Helix mattresses, benefits and offers.

The company having been founded for over a decade now is focused on giving its client the highest quality customized mattress to be purchased online. With these unique feature the mattresses provides solution for different sleeping preferences guaranteeing a perfect sleep all night long or during those tempting day time naps. During purchasing the client fills an online individualized questionnaire upon which a mattress is produced. The data recorded is filtered through algorithm that determines the exact feel, the kind of temperature adjustment, support and one’s elasticity area.


  • The company has been on the front line in creating impact to the society by donating returned mattresses to housing facilities and charities;
  • The company partners with recycling company to dispose those mattresses that can no longer be re-used in a manner that is environmental friendly;
  • The company embraces the use of green technology in producing its quality products;
  • Since the company gives one a customized mattress according to the individual preferences during purchasing, it solves the surprises and inconveniences associated with the one-size fit mattress popular in the market today;


The company offers a variety of mattresses tailor made with this three components; Helix dynamic foam, steel forged micro-coils and high grade polyurethane foam but the bottom line is that a variety of products are produced to match each consumers sleep preferences. Helix dynamic foam is very comfortable with unique coiling proprietary foam. Steel forged micro-coil composed of miniature coils provides for great distribution of weight, relief of pressure and springs. A wide range of densities provided by the high grade polyurethane foam create durability within the base layers and firmness within the layers of comfort.

Products list with prices:

King size 80 x 76 x 10 inches $1,158
California King 84 x 72 x 10 inches $1,185
Queen 80 x 60 x 10 inches $995
Full 74 x 54 x 10 inches $840
Twin XL 80 X 10 X 39 inches $700
Twin 39 x 70 x 10 inches $600


Well if you are out there looking for an end to tiring sleepless night due to a poor quality mattress and would love something customized with your exact sleep expectation, try out the Helix mattresses and experience the difference. Just get into the company’s website and their very efficient customer service providers will be sure to get you what you are looking for, 100% guarantee of your money. Whatever you decide be sure to enjoy your sleep in the long run.

Coupons by Helix

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