Welcome to mattresscoupon.com. My name is Lucy, I’m from San Diego.

I must say right away, I am not a big mattress expert and I do not have a medical education (although the site already has a how to choose the best mattress guide and this was done with Sarah Chang, MD help). But I’m definitely master at shopping and I know exactly how and where to save money. Believe me, this is mine.

Why Mattress?

It’s been more than a decade since I bought my first mattress online. But I still remember how much time was spent studying the subject and what mattress right for me, finding the best price and the best discount. Hundreds of open tabs with websites and hundreds of invalid promo codes (I can only imagine how difficult it is to choose a mattress with so many brands today).

From that moment, I thought that it would be great to collect all offers from all popular mattress brands in one place, to create a guide to discounts, coupons and special deals, always give up-to-date.

My Mission

So my mission is quite simple. I want to save your time and money while searching for the best mattress.
And if I did it, I might also get a referral reward from the brand. Either way it’s a win-win.

I really hope that you will be satisfied with the quality of your purchase and the price you paid for it. This will be the best reward for me.

You always can reach me at Contact page or via email admin@mattresscoupon.com.